How Much Does a Plumber Charge to Replace a Toilet?

How Much Does a Plumber Charge to Replace a Toilet?

Thinking about remodeling or modernizing your bathroom especially your toilet? Well, maybe it’s just about time you get a new one installed. Here at Plumbers in Flint Michigan, we take care of all your needs plumbing system-wise. Your toilet and bathroom are parts of your home’s plumbing system and to prevent any trouble you should hire an expert to do the installation or replacement. It’s safer, more cost-efficient, and would overall be a seamless job. So, how much does a plumber charge to replace a toilet? We’ll talk about that and more!

Types of Toilets

First off, you need to know which type of toilet suite you have or what type you want to be installed next. Here are some of the common types:

  • Closed coupled toilet
    • The most common of all types and designs. The cistern sits above the toilet pan.
  • Wall faced toilet
    • It has a hidden cistern and the toilet flush is against the surface of the wall.
  • Back to the wall
    • This toilet suite has no pipes visible and the cistern is attached to the wall.
  • Wall hung toilet
    • A type that the toilet is attached directly to the wall, this is stylish and expensive.
  • Rimless Toilet
    • Newest type

In turn, there are 2 types of toilet outlets. The S trap and the P trap. The S trap empties through the floor while the P trap’s pipes exit through the wall. A quick way to determine what you have is just to look for any visible connection of your toilet to the wall, if there’s none then you probably have an S trap.

Qualifications for a plumber

Ask the plumber or the plumbing company these questions before allowing them to work on your toilet.

  • Do you have a license?
  • Do you have insurance?
  • How long will the installation take?
  • Do you have a written quote for me?
  • Any references?
  • Any samples of previous work?

Through these questions, you should be able to filter out any unskilled plumbers and only work with the best. Plumbers in Flint Michigan will work on your case anytime, we have 24/7 emergency services, we are insured, and rest assured that you are dealing with the best.

You no longer need to keep on asking yourself if there are any “24 hour plumber near me” as we got you covered.

So how much does a plumber charge to replace a toilet?

As discussed, there are a few types of the toilet so naturally, they’ll each cost a little bit differently too, let’s break it all down.

A new toilet will cost you around $90 to $1500. It would depend on the brand, the type, and any extra features you’d want to avail of. You can have a basic 2-piece model or a high-end one with lights and even music.

The average cost of installing a toilet should be around $370. Other factors that may add to your costs should be leaking or broken pipes or any other replacement parts needed. Sometimes, extra labor can cost about $800.

If you need a toilet installed in your basement then get ready to shell out around $1000 to $2400. This is when you also need plumbing installed. But if there’s already a plumbing system in place then it should be a lot closer to $400.

When altering a bathroom floor plan and you need to move the toilet then it might cost you upwards of $2500. A basic toilet bowl will set you back about $250 to $300, while the hourly rate for plumbers should be about $65.

Plumbers in Flint Michigan assure you only top-quality work and we’ll do it quick. Contact us now!

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