About Us

About Us

How We Get Started As A Group Of Professional Plumbers

We started as a plumbing company in Flinton Michigan back in 2000. We are a group of friends who were operating as sole traders in the plumbing industry before that, however, we decided to join our forces in that year to create Plumbers in Flinton Michigan. This was no easy task but with our experiences, it wasn’t that difficult either.

Over the course of the next 20 years, we managed to create a brand that people trust, we managed to create solid relationships with our customers and that’s why they keep calling us whenever there’s an issue.

We are an honest bunch and always upfront about costs, the issues, and whether we would be the right fit to fix your problem – which is rare in the industry. We don’t outsource anything – everything is handled by our team and we give you separate invoices for any instruments or kits that we need to purchase for your specific situation.

Other than that, we have a team of dedicated customer service representatives who will talk to you about your issues, listen to it carefully and then give you our honest assessment of what should be done to keep you sane for the long run.

Mission Statement

Plumbers in Flint Michigan has one job, which is to make you live a happy life by solving all your plumbing problems within the shortest possible time.

Why Choose Us

Why choose Plumbers in Flint Michigan, you might ask? The reasons are simple. We understand your problem better than anyone else and with our years of experience – regarding handling plumbing issues, we can confidently tell you that whatever your problem is, we probably have solved it before for another client.

Other than being trustworthy, quick and cost effective, we also have years of experience which come in handy to make sure that when we do a repair job – you don’t need to re-hire us or someone else for a brief period of time. All our work comes with guarantee to satisfy your anxious mind.